Ubisoft step up Pre-order Incentives with Assassin’s Creed Unity “Lottery”

You read absolutely correct!
indexhave designed yet another way to attract the average gamer to pre order a game without hesitation. With the (re)-invention of a Spin-To-Win, for prizes such as game loot both physical and digital along sideĀ  trips to Canada and France they have single handedly upped the bar on how far other developers need to go to entice pre-order gamers, If you are the type to think before you jump, this could be your mark, on the other hand, if you’re the adrenaline seeker – You might have just found the rush you’re looking for. Those people which pre-order gain 5 spins every week from release date, where-as the standard post-release customer will only recieve JUST ONE (PERIOD).
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