What it truly means to be on LIFE AUTOPILOT

Lovely Evening tonight all

I’ve been tossing this one in my head for a good long while now, possibly close to over a year, and I’ve been wondering, Where have I been this whole time, Where did I go, Where was I while time passed me by and everything flashed before my eyes and suddenly, I’m beside this Rock and a Hard Place.
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Autism, Kids, and The Life Controller

Autism is a huge word to me, it has had an incredible impact. To the extremity that has narrow visioned the people I know perspectives of how a child with autism can, could, would, should be parented.

I can say that with the experience of being an uncle at a young age and been the middle child of a large “adopted” family – I have had the privilege of being an active role in looking after babies, children and teens from the age of 2 (The age I became an uncle) to 30+ (because I like to keep people guessing).

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