Autism, Kids, and The Life Controller

Autism is a huge word to me, it has had an incredible impact. To the extremity that has narrow visioned the people I know perspectives of how a child with autism can, could, would, should be parented.

I can say that with the experience of being an uncle at a young age and been the middle child of a large “adopted” family – I have had the privilege of being an active role in looking after babies, children and teens from the age of 2 (The age I became an uncle) to 30+ (because I like to keep people guessing).

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24 Hours to Positive Living

This is more of a reminder to myself than, a “How-to” Positively Live.

Step 1. Wake up, every morning at the same time.
Step 24. Go to Bed at the same time every night.
Step 2. Remember to Eat at least 2 meals a day, avoid stress eating.

Step 3. Start the day as if You have exactly 24 hours to live, and at the end of it, have no regrets. The worse thing you can possibly do in life, is to survive,

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