Olli Olli 2: Welcome to OlliWood [Game Analysis]


Indie Developers of OlliOlli 2 (Released 3rd of March in the US and 4th of March in the EU) Roll7 and Game Designer Andreas Yiannikaris envisioned a fast paced skating game with pseudo-real world elements in an abstractive graphically represented 2D game world, targeting players ages 3+ with a competitive edge it involves the player to interact with a device (as it is a “cross platform game” released to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita it could be touch, tap maybe drag or a controller with predefined control scheme) to do tricks such as a skateboard jump commonly known as the “Ollie” and many others tricks. Having never played this game or series, it was clear it was somewhat of an arcade type score-attack game, on starting a new game it placed me in a tutorial which offered clear instructions how to play the game but not necessarily a clear objective or story, making it quite a casual game with elements that a player would look to spend during their free-time, the next thing to notice is it’s difficulty which will be discussed when it appears later, The game itself relies on the player to hit a button to move a running start skater in a Right Only, Up/Down Only direction and another series of buttons, flicks, touches, to reach a state to avoid obstacles(stairs), land on a rail(grind), or gain points(flip tricks) in order to reach the end of the stage to “win” the game, a simple rule applied to this game: finish the level to reach the next one.

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