An old friend called Art & Design 2012

So finishing up on this semester, I’ve scooped some free time now finishing MULTIPLE projects that have gone right, wrong and so-so in each occassion. I unearthed my portfolio from an Art & Design FETAC lv 5 course,
and funny enough I couldn’t help but smile at some of the nostalgic Concept Arts,
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Olli Olli 2: Welcome to OlliWood [Game Analysis]


Indie Developers of OlliOlli 2 (Released 3rd of March in the US and 4th of March in the EU) Roll7 and Game Designer Andreas Yiannikaris envisioned a fast paced skating game with pseudo-real world elements in an abstractive graphically represented 2D game world, targeting players ages 3+ with a competitive edge it involves the player to interact with a device (as it is a “cross platform game” released to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita it could be touch, tap maybe drag or a controller with predefined control scheme) to do tricks such as a skateboard jump commonly known as the “Ollie” and many others tricks. Having never played this game or series, it was clear it was somewhat of an arcade type score-attack game, on starting a new game it placed me in a tutorial which offered clear instructions how to play the game but not necessarily a clear objective or story, making it quite a casual game with elements that a player would look to spend during their free-time, the next thing to notice is it’s difficulty which will be discussed when it appears later, The game itself relies on the player to hit a button to move a running start skater in a Right Only, Up/Down Only direction and another series of buttons, flicks, touches, to reach a state to avoid obstacles(stairs), land on a rail(grind), or gain points(flip tricks) in order to reach the end of the stage to “win” the game, a simple rule applied to this game: finish the level to reach the next one.

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My Student “Bible”

1 Week… 6 Days … 11 hours 55 minutes until GO time at UL.. non-stop, crazy-ass, stupid cross campus sprinting education, 13 Weeks of “Student” status again…

Don’t Worry – Just take the next bus in!

The days I counted, I missed just because I couldn’t be [redacted] to catch the next bus and wait around UL Campus turned into a joke eventually just because I couldn’t make the Labs or Lectures, ON TIME – just thinking every time I was late, the way the doors just seemingly creak 3 times louder and the simple fact I COULDN’T BE ANY LOUDER with expressive glares from peers, the odd whisper, and a snide remark from the tutor, SERIOUSLY?!..What can you do about a bus with 2 stops in peak traffic, maybe drop kick the drivers to leave earlier ( I had the temptation some days),
So yeah, Take the next bus in.. DON’T sit around and miss important lectures, since a few courses at UL are theory > practical forget how boring it is, just attend them..

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Game Development 102 (for dummies like me)

Alright, so I said that I would have something to display, for Game Development – particularly 102.

In this post – we’ll explore Trigonometry and how games use it, assuming you followed the previous post and brushed up on the subjects (physics wasn’t really necessary, but I did say it was a bonus, it’s basically for the more advanced stuff such as “trajectory” and kinetic energy, I didn’t do Physics but it’s a fundamental unwritten rule for Development of a game to understand terms – I’ll elaborate later on this, if you plan on building a shooter game, you’ll need to determine how long a bullet travels for at whatever angle, and what the trajectory would be, what the loss of acceleration blah blah (didn’t do physics excuse)… a perfect example for this is Battlefield and it’s somewhat simulated coding for “Bullet Drop”.. but that’s for another time..(when I actually understand it in a little more detail)

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Rant: Games, DLCs and Publishers #1

I understand the ideals of gaming companies making expansions and DLCs but why make them crap?? I mean, us as Gamers, some of us are more privileged than others, I’m not gonna break my money-plan for games if I want to build my monster rig.. which would you guys put first? a monster rig for your dream job or games. I already know the answer – it’s awesome if you agree with me.
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Battlefield 4 & “The Network factor”

I feel I’ve fallen out with a lot of people over this – be it just because they don’t care, or it doesn’t bother them (liars) or the fact it’s just ignorance (not to sound as harsh as it reads) but I tried putting a point across when playing BattleField, you’re an EU gamer playing a US server, it’s almost impossible, I call into this reason – “The Network factor” – you may be Fiber Powered but you’re still going to be using people’s shitty internet to get to that one spot that “tunnels” your connection and maximises your gaming experience. Continue reading

Game Development 101

Assuming you have the technological know-how of a computer and the it’s internal workings, I’ll start off at a level a basic level of the average computer user.

Game Development is the inside functioning of any game you see today – it is, just as an equal importance to other areas of the gaming industry such as animation or 3D Modelling as it is in itself, and learning how to do it, and You really should question yourself and your confidence in your ability, as an enthusiast – I took an Interest in something called UDK – (Unreal Development Kit) straight on a finished download I was stumped, there was so much involved at the one time there was no time to think which to do first.. Continue reading

My MtG Collection thus far

I couldn’t forgive myself if I put this under Miscellaneous since there is an artistic approach to trading cards, I hardly play, I don’t have a deck, my last Expansion was TSP (Time Spiral, Future Sight and Planar Chaos) as far as core sets go, that was 10th.. and alot of the rules have changed,  “in to play” is now called “the battlefield” and what not.

anyway enjoy –  I do apologize I couldn’t upload more, I still have the Morningside fatpack boosters stacked in it’s box and the Mirage,Darksteel,Mirrodin stored away aswell I like to think I’ve uploaded an average collection of cards (big MTGO player in the hay-day) Continue reading