What is happiness

I woke up this morning, and I thought about things, and I asked myself, am I happy?
then it poked another thought, what is happiness?
How does one be happy?
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The Black Dog and the Bite Marks.

It’s difficult to describe, where to start off with such a brutal title, In fact it’s actually really hard to think where to start and how.

How do you describe a person that looks, feels and understands themselves to be happy, but underneath the thick layers of onion, is the atomic core of sadness, disappointment, shame and anger.

How do you know you’ve been bitten by the Black Dog (Depression) when it may just as well have eaten you whole for your entire life, and you’re searching for something that just hasn’t been there, in the pits of the dark innards of Time, Space and Thought.
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My Student “Bible”

1 Week… 6 Days … 11 hours 55 minutes until GO time at UL.. non-stop, crazy-ass, stupid cross campus sprinting education, 13 Weeks of “Student” status again…

Don’t Worry – Just take the next bus in!

The days I counted, I missed just because I couldn’t be [redacted]┬áto catch the next bus and wait around UL Campus turned into a joke eventually just because I couldn’t make the Labs or Lectures, ON TIME – just thinking every time I was late, the way the doors just seemingly creak 3 times louder and the simple fact I COULDN’T BE ANY LOUDER with expressive glares from peers, the odd whisper, and a snide remark from the tutor, SERIOUSLY?!..What can you do about a bus with 2 stops in peak traffic, maybe drop kick the drivers to leave earlier ( I had the temptation some days),
So yeah, Take the next bus in.. DON’T sit around and miss important lectures, since a few courses at UL are theory > practical forget how boring it is, just attend them..

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