Tech Talk – nVidia’s RTX 20xx series and raytracing

GamesCom 2018,  at a press conference hosted by nVidia’s finest in anticipation of their next generation technology. It revealed among the  GeForce RTX 2070 ($500 USD),  RTX 2080 ($700), and high market – RTX 2080 Ti ($1000), all of which will release on September 20, 2018.

They also flaunted their recent iteration of nVidia raytracing rendering software – as RTX Ray Tracing, with various trailers from Star Wars and Battlefield V showing phenomenal jumps in both visual appeal and realistic representation of ray tracing.

There are both Rendered Scene trailers such as Battlefield V and Star Wars with help from YouTube (links below)


And a Real Time Demo of Shadow of The Tomb Raider.

Although with some Social skepticism on various Facebook outlets, Some believe that this should be running at 60fps at 4k (1080 x 4) if not running at “a higher fps to cleanse any anomolies like sparkling, or ants”, Other notable comments mentioned the entry prices and the likelihood of influence from crypto-currencies inflating market prices ($500/ £399/€459 as a starting price for an entry level graphic’s card genuinely sounds steep!)

With the announcement – The RTX 20xx series came under scrutiny after a benchmark test was performed on the GOTTR and could not perform ray tracing at 4k as an optimum target resolution at 60fps and many valid suggestions implied that the advertised 50% increased speed to the 1080Ti is an exaggeration of capability and that even with optimum settings an on-average : 30% maximum with optimisation would be a realistic expectation.

My Thoughts : Given it’s specification and it’s predecessor’s specification. This is a case of GDDR5 vs GDDR6 with how ray tracing is performed and implemented, if it is physically calculated using GPU resources it will take Gigabits in memory bandwidth..
The significant difference in bandwidth then between GDDR5 and 6 is voided by software calculations justifying a lot of scrutiny which could have been avoided with an additional core that could do the calculations without loss of framerate or bandwidth hogging.


[Review] Tom Clancy’s: The Division

The Division….


Possibly one of the most favourable anticipated games of 2016 with a lot on the line,
after a good 4 hour play on 2 missions, one easy and the next on hard it’s pretty easy to say how good or bad a game is, but with The Division, it has its unique taste, like a French Wine to a Spanish, or  “Southern Californian”.But to the inexperienced, they’re all the same and this one just happens to be the overlapping flavour of a Cabernet Sauvignon from 2012 to 2014 the same feeling of the previous Tom Clancy game, but still the same Wine with a little more pinch to it’s flavour

Keeping to the basics, all Tom Clancy games are “Tactical Shooters”.

Tactical, Enemies will watch you and share their visuals and act strategically and pin you down instantly, run and gunners will fail almost immediately,

Between  Free-Roam and hiking to Missions in the middle of Manhattan, this game is best – well-played with an open group, or better open and with friends (it’s always nice to make more)

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Rocket League Review (PS4)

English La Liga Fan

If you were to look up the word ‘fun’ in a dictionary, a picture of Rocket League appears. Okay so that’s not actually true, but it should be!

Rocket League, the sequel to Supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars, is a football game with a twist, a very fast, maybe even supersonic, twist. Instead of playing as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bristol Rovers, or infact any actual human football team, you control a car. Yep, a car. Sounds silly, right? Well you’re not wrong, infact that’s why it’s so damn good.

Making this game as fun as possible was clearly developer Psyonix’s main goal here and the gameplay reflects that. There’s actually some science behind the way Rocket League plays, it’s almost completely physics based, the way the oversized ball and cars move depending on angles and so on. When you first pick up the PS4 pad (Unless you’re weird and…

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Olli Olli 2: Welcome to OlliWood [Game Analysis]


Indie Developers of OlliOlli 2 (Released 3rd of March in the US and 4th of March in the EU) Roll7 and Game Designer Andreas Yiannikaris envisioned a fast paced skating game with pseudo-real world elements in an abstractive graphically represented 2D game world, targeting players ages 3+ with a competitive edge it involves the player to interact with a device (as it is a “cross platform game” released to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita it could be touch, tap maybe drag or a controller with predefined control scheme) to do tricks such as a skateboard jump commonly known as the “Ollie” and many others tricks. Having never played this game or series, it was clear it was somewhat of an arcade type score-attack game, on starting a new game it placed me in a tutorial which offered clear instructions how to play the game but not necessarily a clear objective or story, making it quite a casual game with elements that a player would look to spend during their free-time, the next thing to notice is it’s difficulty which will be discussed when it appears later, The game itself relies on the player to hit a button to move a running start skater in a Right Only, Up/Down Only direction and another series of buttons, flicks, touches, to reach a state to avoid obstacles(stairs), land on a rail(grind), or gain points(flip tricks) in order to reach the end of the stage to “win” the game, a simple rule applied to this game: finish the level to reach the next one.

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Battlefield 4 & “The Network factor”

I feel I’ve fallen out with a lot of people over this – be it just because they don’t care, or it doesn’t bother them (liars) or the fact it’s just ignorance (not to sound as harsh as it reads) but I tried putting a point across when playing BattleField, you’re an EU gamer playing a US server, it’s almost impossible, I call into this reason – “The Network factor” – you may be Fiber Powered but you’re still going to be using people’s shitty internet to get to that one spot that “tunnels” your connection and maximises your gaming experience. Continue reading

Ubisoft step up Pre-order Incentives with Assassin’s Creed Unity “Lottery”

You read absolutely correct!
indexhave designed yet another way to attract the average gamer to pre order a game without hesitation. With the (re)-invention of a Spin-To-Win, for prizes such as game loot both physical and digital along side  trips to Canada and France they have single handedly upped the bar on how far other developers need to go to entice pre-order gamers, If you are the type to think before you jump, this could be your mark, on the other hand, if you’re the adrenaline seeker – You might have just found the rush you’re looking for. Those people which pre-order gain 5 spins every week from release date, where-as the standard post-release customer will only recieve JUST ONE (PERIOD).
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