Autism, Kids, and The Life Controller

Autism is a huge word to me, it has had an incredible impact. To the extremity that has narrow visioned the people I know perspectives of how a child with autism can, could, would, should be parented.

I can say that with the experience of being an uncle at a young age and been the middle child of a large “adopted” family – I have had the privilege of being an active role in looking after babies, children and teens from the age of 2 (The age I became an uncle) to 30+ (because I like to keep people guessing).

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24 Hours to Positive Living

This is more of a reminder to myself than, a “How-to” Positively Live.

Step 1. Wake up, every morning at the same time.
Step 24. Go to Bed at the same time every night.
Step 2. Remember to Eat at least 2 meals a day, avoid stress eating.

Step 3. Start the day as if You have exactly 24 hours to live, and at the end of it, have no regrets. The worse thing you can possibly do in life, is to survive,

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The C Word We All Hate – Compromise

So without going into details.. What is compromise..
Compromise is the selfless desire in sync with another’s selfless desire.

This Compromise can be anything, a dinner, a plan, an arrangement, a schedule change, pick one.

I struggle with Compromise but at the same time, After a lot of student projects and butting heads with other students and other people in general. I know where to draw the line and where to overstep the “boundary” when conceived as not a compromise.

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Life in that “Social Place”

So, I’m kinda sitting here in front of the keyboard asking myself, where am I.

I’ve put my few months down to an identity crisis, and have beaten it the best I can… It’s all anyone can do, You included.

A few days ago, I flicked through my journal and found myself thinking about a place, in the irrational sense of the word place, somewhere that exists, that doesn’t exist, confusing right?

I know.

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The Black Dog and the Bite Marks.

It’s difficult to describe, where to start off with such a brutal title, In fact it’s actually really hard to think where to start and how.

How do you describe a person that looks, feels and understands themselves to be happy, but underneath the thick layers of onion, is the atomic core of sadness, disappointment, shame and anger.

How do you know you’ve been bitten by the Black Dog (Depression) when it may just as well have eaten you whole for your entire life, and you’re searching for something that just hasn’t been there, in the pits of the dark innards of Time, Space and Thought.
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[Review] Tom Clancy’s: The Division

The Division….


Possibly one of the most favourable anticipated games of 2016 with a lot on the line,
after a good 4 hour play on 2 missions, one easy and the next on hard it’s pretty easy to say how good or bad a game is, but with The Division, it has its unique taste, like a French Wine to a Spanish, or  “Southern Californian”.But to the inexperienced, they’re all the same and this one just happens to be the overlapping flavour of a Cabernet Sauvignon from 2012 to 2014 the same feeling of the previous Tom Clancy game, but still the same Wine with a little more pinch to it’s flavour

Keeping to the basics, all Tom Clancy games are “Tactical Shooters”.

Tactical, Enemies will watch you and share their visuals and act strategically and pin you down instantly, run and gunners will fail almost immediately,

Between  Free-Roam and hiking to Missions in the middle of Manhattan, this game is best – well-played with an open group, or better open and with friends (it’s always nice to make more)

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Rocket League Review (PS4)

English La Liga Fan

If you were to look up the word ‘fun’ in a dictionary, a picture of Rocket League appears. Okay so that’s not actually true, but it should be!

Rocket League, the sequel to Supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars, is a football game with a twist, a very fast, maybe even supersonic, twist. Instead of playing as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bristol Rovers, or infact any actual human football team, you control a car. Yep, a car. Sounds silly, right? Well you’re not wrong, infact that’s why it’s so damn good.

Making this game as fun as possible was clearly developer Psyonix’s main goal here and the gameplay reflects that. There’s actually some science behind the way Rocket League plays, it’s almost completely physics based, the way the oversized ball and cars move depending on angles and so on. When you first pick up the PS4 pad (Unless you’re weird and…

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