The Art of Forgiveness

2am, Awake and in a low. A million reasons come to mind, but one in-particular constantly surfaces.
The word, Forgiveness. What it is, The impact it can have on the mind, the body and the soul, The very meaning of Forgiveness.

How I came up for this topic, I really can’t explain, it’s neither the time or place, but it involves a lot of people, new and old and a very familiar social activity that should be both fun and relaxing instead of hostile and confrontational.

The best way to explain is just to be flat out about it, about this time last year I invited a few individuals to said familiar activity as a positive distraction from the daily bordoms of spare time and unproductive hours of the mornings, at first it was fun, everyone was having a good time, then it complicated itself with a good group of friends and a handful of unsavory individuals. I don’t bother for unsavory types, regardless what it is they think they accomplish, I switch off, or I go to other areas, or other activities, it’s a simple solution.
Whatever happens is none of my business. This unfortunately wasn’t something I had prepared for,
A case of “in the wrong place at the wrong time”, and suddenly I’m one of the few stuck in the middle,

I was pissed, the implentation was undeniably unbiased; So many factors that could of gone wrong, went wrong. When given advice and it only half-heard/ half listened is something I nearly never tolerate, ever. period, it’s a saving Grace I don’t go from 0 to self-destruct mode when it does happen.

After everything that had happened, I stopped joining in on anything that was planned, I did my own thing and assumed other people would do the same and (somewhat hopeful) others we’re going to start discussing the precarious situation and the events that had occurred, it never happened, instead – chinese whispers, doxxing, slander and delusions…

The whole point is – Forgiveness can be Weak and powerful. If you lack the ability to forgive you can’t allow others to forgive you on your misgivings. it’s a simple and basic fundamental logic. This is what makes Forgiveness weak. the LACK of Forgiveness is it’s weakness, and in that weakness you allow a world of unhealthy possibilities, anger, resentment, self-doubt all have a front door to your mind.

The Art of Forgiveness is a wonderful thing, You can move past things without being (totally) hung up on how things happened, why, or even who was really responsible. Leave it alone, Let it Go, unless it’s something that is actively affecting you now or has dramatically altered how you live your life then consider thinking of what you still have, or what you can still accomplish through Forgiving.

Forgiveness is NOT a weakness, it’s a POWERFUL ally, the second you think about it, and how it in some possible way, unavoidable – it becomes a state of fiction, a fact – there was nothing that everyone involved could have done any differently to change the result. If it was something that was eventually going to happen, then maybe that’s how it is. Life can lay traps like it everywhere.. Switch gears and keep going.

I also know it’s been a while since the last post, let’s just say a few months without the Internet is good for the soul and maybe some actual “down” time may just be the thing you need… In the worst case that you’ve actually read this far, maybe take 15 minutes, and think about what it is you want out of life and what you want your future to be…

It always sounds stupid to me writing these posts thinking they can help but in reality, it’s taking a page out the back of my mind, and doing a literally cut, copy and paste in one go – it never used to work this well but I can always say Stranger Things have happened :3

Time for a hot drink and some sleep.
If you need the same, you should probably do the same 🙂

What was your opinion?

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