Adam and “The Wiggles”

I think this is an important post for alot of parents that have autism children, not only because it’s a struggle and a strain on relationships, but because of the general understanding of what is going on inside an autism child’s mind – ticking a pound (lb) to a dozen – (12 lb  = 1 dozen lbs for those curious), I (Personally) – call them “The Wiggles” – that unforseen moment where any child is peak to a nuclear meltdown but doesn’t understand what is genuinely happening!!! The Wiggles?

Yeah! The Wiggles!!! as in Wiggle!! Wiggle!! Wiggle!! Whenever any child on the Autism Spectrum encounters something uncomfortable to them, there comes a time in their mind that requires physical stimulation i.e stimming in order for them to cope and deal with it, In Adam’s case it’s “Deep Pressure” a tight hug or as I’ve read, some form of “motor cognitive distortion” (a sense of Swinging, jumping and dropping, bobbing up and down, wobbling) anything that can relieve “The wiggles” my guess to the reason behind this is this – it can be anything from an uncomfortable piece of clothing, a awkward environment, a irregular cognitive pattern that can cause it, a bad thought in other-words, something he doesn’t like but he thought about.

I take today as an example while swimming, He had a huge case of the “Wiggles” and it was only because He remembered He had to leave the swimming pool – so as a relief, I asked what can help him with the Wiggles, going through the list of therapeutic clues that were in front of me, Bobbing in the water was the first thing after calming him down.

Success, I asked him “Have the Wiggles all gone now?” and He replies “Yes, The Wiggles are gone.” Delighted, He returned to a fun swim session until 5.30, That’s 3 Hours of Swimming, and a Record breaking swim session for Adam, I could not be more blessed with such an understanding little boy that has to go through so much – and as a parent more proud.

Saying that – I am KNACKERED.

I maintain #ShareThePositivity and avoid bad news is the secret to Healthy Living and By WordPress It’s certainly worked for me.

So Wherever you are in the world


Have a fantastic Day.