Autism, Kids, and The Life Controller

Autism is a huge word to me, it has had an incredible impact. To the extremity that has narrow visioned the people I know perspectives of how a child with autism can, could, would, should be parented.

I can say that with the experience of being an uncle at a young age and been the middle child of a large “adopted” family – I have had the privilege of being an active role in looking after babies, children and teens from the age of 2 (The age I became an uncle) to 30+ (because I like to keep people guessing).

Sitting here even now chatting to my nephew about how a healthy childhood is important Where, at some point  in the past 20+ years, I would be able to go outside and find other kids on the street and set up a 3v3 in footie – His response to that was “That sounds pretty awesome”

This is the Life Controller every parent has one, and no child should ever be given one, Autism or no Autism…

Maybe at this stage there are people wondering what the Life Controller is?  Thinking – wait a second…  Life isn’t a game you can control. You’re completely right – but in this theoretic world, the Life Controller represents all the things You as a parent can control, meal times, day trips, bed routines and social environments (to an extent).

Where does Autism plug into this??

I want to write about PDA Disorder (Pathological Demand Avoidance) further down.

We as parents can give our kids a little slack with triggers and social stress and when it hits the limit, take the child away to a comfortable area,  In this context it looks like DS/DD now has the Life Controller, but don’t be wrong,  they have their own, in their own way – to let you know when to use yours – consider it managed with Parental Controls, I think this is a incredibly simple analogy that even children can understand.

The point of this post…

With my current relationship as it is – it was planned to go swimming with the little man
and He and I were let down, my Life Controller was hit with something huge and sent me as far as checking on his wellbeing, that much I will share.

I discovered that, not only did my DS have his Life Controller in his possession, Parent no.2 had Parental Controls enabled on Her’s – and I was unable to see the little one due to interference from Parents 3 and 4 and saw fit to make an uncivil incident of it (by acting uncivil).

(Pathological Demand Avoidance Disorder also known as P.D.A. Syndrome can look very much like the above video)

Do you find your child on a tablet instead of interacting with other children?

Do you find your child selectively talks and recluses to watching Movies and TV?

Does your child  show signs of panic and anxiety in social environments? (both mild/severe)

Is your child prone to “throwing strops” or “meltdowns” regularly? (scoldings excluded)

The idea of these questions, from discussions with other parents and experts on the subject is if you answer yes to any 2 of these of these questions there is a possibility that Your DS or DD could be a candidate for treatment for PDA D/PDA S

Feel Free to comment, I maintain this blog as an open area for discussion,

Do you think that PDA is something that children need to learn to handle whether diagnosed ASD or should parents take an unbiased responsibility in handling situations carefully and maintain the structure necessary for healthy development?

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  1. I thought I would mention – some symptoms suggested from other locations suggested – easily distracted and fixations but these overlap other disorders that are completely unrelated to PDAS but do come with a ASD label. ideally, if any parent has a concern for a child, have a cognitive and motor skills assessment along side speech and language and both can provide a fair preview to a therapist the overall picture..

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