24 Hours to Positive Living

This is more of a reminder to myself than, a “How-to” Positively Live.

Step 1. Wake up, every morning at the same time.
Step 24. Go to Bed at the same time every night.
Step 2. Remember to Eat at least 2 meals a day, avoid stress eating.

Step 3. Start the day as if You have exactly 24 hours to live, and at the end of it, have no regrets. The worse thing you can possibly do in life, is to survive,

“You are beautiful. I know because I made You.” – God

This speaks louder to me than anything anyone will say to me, I could write about the wrongs in life but “What good would become of it?”. I mean, Yeah, sure REFLECT – but don’t dive deep that you open an old wound, I know, and I mean I REALLY know, and it hurts, to the deepest possible knowing of any human core, it does hurt.

How did I deal with that, I started a diary, private for me and the help I get from the occasional counselling, I have had a complete stranger tell me.

“The world is better when it’s painted gray rather than black and white”, and when you put that into your mind, and draw from that, Your mind starts accepting the situation, you start feeling, “I’m gonna be ok”, other people don’t seem to be such enemies, and you start to feel a little happier. What you need to do is focus on You!
Make up boxes, and put all the jumbled thoughts, into their separate box and open only as many as you feel you are capable at a time. in my case I have 7-8 boxes and can open 3-4 at a time, before the lows start and have to call stop to a few things..

Maybe you might be a little like me and the box idea is a novelty and it wears off,
so wake up in the morning and imagine, what would happen if you had 24 hours..

From the moment you woke up, to the moment you went to sleep…

Forget everything that is happening…



You are you, you are a human being, you have the right to happiness, what-ever that may be, it’s yours (except the impossible, make this easy for me right?)
Be real with yourself.
I saw a dog today, he was super cute, should I pet it?
[yes] / [no]
I thought I saw an old friend at the shop but I wasn’t totally sure, do I say hi?
[yes] / [no]
I felt like a walk earlier today but I wasn’t feeling up to it, But I still have time, Should I go for a walk?
[yes] / [no]
I had promised to call someone after going out, but now I don’t feel like talking, Should I still call them?
[yes] / [no]

Ask yourself this, if you answered No to any of them, What stopped you, Fear? Anxiety, Social Stress of the day.

I get it, we all have our limits – but sometimes even us ourselves, our perspective of limitations can be a little narrow,


“Break the limits”

I wrote this after a Life-Saver’s Guide to Relationships having absolutely no clue about the topic… I’m good at being Human, but when it hits – and those reading know what “it” I’m talking about – that Humanity disappears, You become a ghost of your former self..

Break your limit – Be something bigger, Someone better, take it all by the trunk and tackle it as it comes,

More reminders to myself than anyone,

So Where ever you are today.


Be yourself, and Live Happy.

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    1. Thank You So much – I tend to speak from out of the box experience from a step-back perspective, even just reading over it myself is a refreshing reminder Depression can be a debilitating illness but it can be beaten with the power of positivity.

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