Relationships – A Life-Saver’s Guide

It takes a Fool to figure everything out in life.

It takes a Wise person to show the fool everything in life.

The Fool then becomes the Wise,

The Wise will always remain the Fool.

Where is this going?

if you ever want to succeed in Life – in making friends, find love – whatever it is you have in mind and pursue your aspirations keep in touch with yourself (Recommended Reading:What is happiness)

Remind yourself – This is who I am, This is what makes me Happy
and if you already have friends and know they have good characters and backgrounds then let nothing stop you from keeping them.

Conversation & Communication
Conversation can be a hot topic for relationships, one sentence can either politically , domestically or personally offend, or it can compliment whoever it is you are talking to, friend, family or partner

There can also be moments where you believe you are communicating fine but the other person doesn’t understand, or They give you a look that can essentially fit the description of “Dumbfounded” – stop… deep breath, and then speak, Even I’m not the best communicator, and no one will be the best communicator – there will always be some barrier.

When Things Break Down

I have had some moments where things haven’t gone the way I would have hoped and the social cues have not revealed themselves, and these moments are when Things and Relationships can really break down – for two people, it just takes one to stop talking to break the loop,

it doesn’t mean you’re not friends, it just means the situation has escalated into an issue that needs to be addressed. So address it , be forward, taking note of their emotion –
“Let’s relax, take a break and fix this”

Social Cues
Sometimes – it’s necessary to pass the baton and let others take the spot light in a social environment, or in some situations assume control -: there can be a lot to a social cue, a flick of the eyes, body language, facial expression and lip wording, it is everyone’s responsibility to ask “Is everything ok here??” – This is good – as it means you’re checking in with other people and showing them you care, and take an interest in what they do..

It’s incredibly important to be able to read social cues and know what the other person is inferring you to do. It has alot to do with relationships.

I gave myself 12 months to remove all the self doubt about who I am, What it was I really wanted to do, there are very few of my own friends that know the full story and as I work on my own trust issues, I hope I will be able to share more about it with them..


In any circumstance do I see myself as a victim, As of the first blog entry it has been an uphill learning experience that not many people experience this early in Life and endure throughout but I have turned it around and  now see my self as a survivor, I have learned from all the situations that I was subjected to..

This brings me to the last part of

Setting things right / Letting Things Go

This is where you make a firm decision that can take weeks, months and possibly years depending on what it is the person in question did to you, the severity of the impact it had on your life and their impression on your life was and your impact on theirs, both positive and negative…

Let no one’s words interfere with this adding their opinions to the mix as it can coerce you!!

This is a decision by you and you alone
If you are one of the very few fortunate people that have a friend, partner, spouse that wants to set things right then
you are very lucky.

If you decide on working things out – Both you and your second need to let everything that happened go.. gone, into the history books,

It may take time, You will go through the motions and still feel anger/ frustration  towards them or feel slightly anxious but the first and foremost thing is that you try. Set your moral compass to the situation and adjust it to fit, sometimes your reaction (from a generalised standpoint). Can be completely unreasonable but in hindsight it was more than reasonable. If anything… too reasonable, there can also be situations where You feel blamed, and you need to alter your compass to other’s and have it all done by their bearings..

(Recommended Read: The C Word We All Hate – Compromise)
I make no claims I’m an expert on the topic – All I can say is, my Bucket List is shorter than yours 😉

Other than that – Where ever you are today

Have an amazing day.