What is happiness

I woke up this morning, and I thought about things, and I asked myself, am I happy?
then it poked another thought, what is happiness?
How does one be happy?

What concept does the human mind understand to be “Happy”?
Call this a Projective post – maybe we associate Happiness with fun, I’m sat here and I’m watching my wacom drawing tablet flash after installing the drivers to it (I really should restart my computer) and I think for a second, that flashing light makes me really happy when it’s on and pretty down when it’s off, much like Red lights at a set of traffic lights, anyone else hate Red Traffic Lights????
Yes? – Awesome, It’s not just me then (lol)

What If I were to say, I accept the fact the light is off, and can still be happy.
That – those stupid lights at the traffic lights are red, maybe if we said – I accept that you are red, you angry red light that turns to a happy green.. I’m ok with that. a small sense of happiness can be found, what about empty cups after a nice hot drink.

That’s something that actually bothers me after thinking about it now, and it’s an empty cup after a nice hot drink, maybe it’s time to say, I’m ok with that, That was a nice drink.

What if, I started seeing Happiness as something to give to the world and accept the result, instead of looking for something and finding nothing, right?
It took 1136 minutes to do but I’ve finally hit a milestone, I can tick Task 1 off my to-do list and start on task 2.
Maybe I’ll have an extreme goal tomorrow and say hi to a complete random, borrow a hug from a friend or shoot some hoops even after a day’s work and you know you got study to do.

and at the end of it all, just say – I’m ok with it all.

This post.. I’m ok with it, it was something nice to end the night.

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