[Review] Tom Clancy’s: The Division

The Division….


Possibly one of the most favourable anticipated games of 2016 with a lot on the line,
after a good 4 hour play on 2 missions, one easy and the next on hard it’s pretty easy to say how good or bad a game is, but with The Division, it has its unique taste, like a French Wine to a Spanish, or  “Southern Californian”.But to the inexperienced, they’re all the same and this one just happens to be the overlapping flavour of a Cabernet Sauvignon from 2012 to 2014 the same feeling of the previous Tom Clancy game, but still the same Wine with a little more pinch to it’s flavour

Keeping to the basics, all Tom Clancy games are “Tactical Shooters”.

Tactical, Enemies will watch you and share their visuals and act strategically and pin you down instantly, run and gunners will fail almost immediately,

Between  Free-Roam and hiking to Missions in the middle of Manhattan, this game is best – well-played with an open group, or better open and with friends (it’s always nice to make more)

Anarchy or Democracy?
It’s always an issue, in groups and in the Dark Zone, as a flaw while playing in a group you’re more intimidating, and intimidated by other groups, and as such between Mexican Stand-Offs and Rogue-Agent hunts that turn wrong with a stray bullet (turning the whole group rogue) it could be a good idea that you pick one, the DZ isn’t a place for review only the Strong  (basement dwellers with better internet than you) win.

No Rogue Missions?
It is a fact, a disappointment that there are lacking activities than run the Dark Zone,  clear a few buildings, max DZ equipment inventory than drop-off at Extraction, rinse then repeat (lol, decontamination pun) but essentially this is ideal, considering players will group in the Dark Zone and those playing open group will find it difficult to find other members (who runs solo in DZ? ) maybe they won’t, ma

Them RPG skillz
As a fact, mostly all shooters will be turning to a character development system such as Destiny has from the developers of Halo and World of Warcraft (note: Bungie not Blizzard! – staff PREVIOUSLY FROM BLIZZARD!) with circulating Rumours of Call of Duty Ghosts II (because we all know it’s true and are in denial) will most likely hook line and sinker the few gamers that casual The Division.
With this, it has the added charm and incentive, this is where the treasure is.


With the storyline being somewhat of a cliche, within reason this game lost a half point, replayability is a preference, but so is Storyline, reconsidering this fact, Storyline can be a bad thing, and REPETITIVE (looks at Bungie).


On the end-note, The Division should get no less than an 85% rating, it’s something to recommend to your friends, play the missions a few times for some good lootin fun, move on and explore,  the competitive groups have a chance to act strategically and work on team-building, hard mode is an option, not a necessity since more looting can be done in the more unpredictable Dark Zone.
Rating 8.5/10  |   85%

What’s Your Vote of “The Division”?.