My Student “Bible”

1 Week… 6 Days … 11 hours 55 minutes until GO time at UL.. non-stop, crazy-ass, stupid cross campus sprinting education, 13 Weeks of “Student” status again…

Don’t Worry – Just take the next bus in!

The days I counted, I missed just because I couldn’t be [redacted] to catch the next bus and wait around UL Campus turned into a joke eventually just because I couldn’t make the Labs or Lectures, ON TIME – just thinking every time I was late, the way the doors just seemingly creak 3 times louder and the simple fact I COULDN’T BE ANY LOUDER with expressive glares from peers, the odd whisper, and a snide remark from the tutor, SERIOUSLY?!..What can you do about a bus with 2 stops in peak traffic, maybe drop kick the drivers to leave earlier ( I had the temptation some days),
So yeah, Take the next bus in.. DON’T sit around and miss important lectures, since a few courses at UL are theory > practical forget how boring it is, just attend them..

I need to Finish this Tutorial/Lab/Case Study

public.static.class JavaProgramming.Tutorial5002
If you’ve just started reading  this post, you can pretty much figure what discipline I’m involved in, no details, it’s narrowed down to Computer Science, interests expand far and wide with me I could ask to do all of them with immortality and motivation, but as Annette says “Fuck it”, November last year (serious post just got serious) I burnt myself out, enough to hospitalise myself for 9 hours and knock me to the floor for 2 weeks with intermittent appearances,

I came to the conclusion, I shouldn’t need to get all these right, as long as I understand them before exam time

give the _____ a go, ask questions later,

I Hate Computer Maths/ Engineering Maths/ Science Maths.. I’m not going.

Prof. Kopteva, possibly a fantastic Tutor, without a doubt – but also advanced in methodological Teaching.
In every Lecture I attended, I was dumbfounded at every slide.. any question I thought of asking, was indeed a stupid one simply because – I never did Maths at Leaving Cert level. Terminology that was flowing through the room, was speaking to me like a different language, as if I was an International Student (HOW DO YOU DO IT!?)..definitely “Asian” level intelligence going on here with a1’s and b2’s in Computer Science and Math..

At the end of one of the lectures.

I asked a simple question – ” What can I use This for?” I don’t think I actually got a straight answer, either way I have links to a free-source education website free to register, which I highly recommend, it includes as above, pre-calculus, calculus, differential calculus, multidimentional calculus,physics loads more.. (you might need to look these up) each with a use, what they are used for, I still need to find that out myself….  Take advantage of the Learning Centers,

What’s for Dinner/Lunch?

I Think I am possibly the most popular person for missing lunches, dinners or breakfasts, You’ll never find me sitting in the cafe, or hitting the shop for a breakfast roll (maybe once in a blue moon).. I have always been a lunchbox guy, you get to eat what you want to eat where you want to eat, If one thing I’ve found out, UL Campus prices are a FARCE… straight from day one I’ve managed to eat 5 days a week for €4.65 , including a hot cup of Tea, Lunch and Dinner…so if you’re a money scrounger like I am, and isn’t fussed on eating sandwiches for a few days with a chocolate bar as a snack..see what you find in Aldi’s , my advice from my past semester’s experience is grab a plate of chips, or a good meal in the library once in a while, hot water is just 50c so a flask works great around campus bringing in your own t-bags.. it’s just a case of asking..

I’m bored…

Take a mental break, bring in something that gear’s down the mind, a book, a game, a  guitar, an ocarina, being bored is second nature to every Student at this stage, the bus is an hour to and from for me. After suffering that burn out sometimes a mental break is something I just need, not always what I WANT, but it always gives better results when it comes to Study time.. so it works!!.. if you’re bored grab a cup of tea, go for a walk.. entertain yourselves…I’m actually looking at my time table and it has 2-3 9am starts with 1 lab session at 6PM and i’m now going  uuuggghhhhh! welcome to bordom – town of boring people.. population .. everyone with 0 labs 0 lectures 0 tutorials…I’d like to know what I’ll be doing for the next 8 hours..

6 months in to year 1 the ball is on a roll, which way will it roll to?

Guess I’ll have to wait and find out..