Battlefield 4 & “The Network factor”

I feel I’ve fallen out with a lot of people over this – be it just because they don’t care, or it doesn’t bother them (liars) or the fact it’s just ignorance (not to sound as harsh as it reads) but I tried putting a point across when playing BattleField, you’re an EU gamer playing a US server, it’s almost impossible, I call into this reason – “The Network factor” – you may be Fiber Powered but you’re still going to be using people’s shitty internet to get to that one spot that “tunnels” your connection and maximises your gaming experience.

Look below -you’ll see I uploaded a few listed servers, I play from Ireland – and I admit – we’re not fiber powered, in fact, it’s almost like we’re living in the 00’s still introducing wifi into homes (someone ask me what’s wifi and I will personally mail you s**t in a bag) my cut corners come from using google DNS, dedicating the internet to my gaming (no-one uses it but me – anyone want internet they can bring mobile broadband into the house) and port-forwarding
Look at those pings… the highest is 29ms.. in a 31/32 game where a 35/48 it’s 13ms (obvious someone’s got a somewhat less quality connection than myself and the rest in the just4fun server)
and to add to that extent – and I’ve just noticed this myself – someone is running 27ms to 139424 – which isn’t half bad – I’d call that the EU standard, any more than 45 is pretty much a joke – regardless what anyone says – I’ll make a knife only server pump enough packets into it to lag exactly to 45ms – you just try and stab someone -it’s barely noticeable – but it’s there – that giant slingshot that  throws you into the animation if you were to play on servers with pings like…
I recall my average being around 100 -120ms … 1 and 1/2 seconds to 2 seconds latency, but the variance here is clear, you got players playing all over the country when they could be playing on a server closer to home… i.e West, if everyone just used a little logic, our gaming experience, AS A COMMUNITY – would evolve so much better, this is clearly not a 3 bar scenario if I’m lagging 2 entire seconds that’s a 2 bar connection.. just picturing that slingshotting knife animation, it’s haunting.. sure I’ll play with my US buddies easily, but goddammit guys use battle-log – pick the fastest running server or we’re all screwed.. What with lag comp and crap netcoding (which is on the improve – BF4 is theoretically back in beta if they’re running a CTE on PC and adding more features, why not just remake MAG and cover the lag with no hitmarkers, move support and the sweet awesome “squad only” interface.)

Conclusion: “The Network Factor” – our Network Infrastructure still isn’t ready for global multiplayer, stay at home play with some compromise for each other, you’ll be surprised,  make sure you play with a definitely solid internet, no youtube streaming on other computers, I don’t want to listen to your complaining, how “other players are lagging” when you play on my home turf – I can relate  the odd occasion, yeah – you’re probably robbed the kill thanks to the lack of functioning netcode, shooting the guy for 3 solid seconds no damage, DAFUQ? I share your frustration for a broken game – but we also share part of the blame, as well as our providers. If you think you already have the best provider in your area – demand better, demand low noise on your optic lines, LESS CONTENTION (The internet killer). You probably then could get away with streaming a vid or two..

Thanks for reading.

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