Game Development 101

Assuming you have the technological know-how of a computer and the it’s internal workings, I’ll start off at a level a basic level of the average computer user.

Game Development is the inside functioning of any game you see today – it is, just as an equal importance to other areas of the gaming industry such as animation or 3D Modelling as it is in itself, and learning how to do it, and You really should question yourself and your confidence in your ability, as an enthusiast – I took an Interest in something called UDK – (Unreal Development Kit) straight on a finished download I was stumped, there was so much involved at the one time there was no time to think which to do first..OK! So If you’re still reading that’s awesome – we’re on the same page!  we’re both beginners in Game Development.
the funny thing about Game Development is it can be as simple, or as complex as you want it to be, and there are various programming languages that can accommodate this. for now – as a 101 lesson head over to Khan Academy. And register for a all-free-resource account
You’ll need to brush up on a few things (or maybe not Mr.BigShot! jk ) This is the website I’ve been using for various brush-ups from Trig to Physics. (Both a MUST and BONUS if you plan on building games yourself as an independent developer).

2/ Welcome Back, I wanted to talk about why Khan Academy – as much as programming is awesome, some can be daunting and others can be easy – and the way it goes is the minute you learn one – you pretty much catch on to the others fairly quickly, Khan Academy is going to be your Playground for your game, so our next step is learning javascript and utilising it for a game, flip through the tutorials and try and grasp the concept of the code (This will take a while)

I’ll write 102 when I can show something to present. In the meantime – Happy coding.